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Trusts and asset management

The advice provided by Carrozza law firm's professionals is also aimed at managing complex needs of planning and protection of family assets and generational business transitions.

In this context, the Firm offers assistance in the establishment and management of patrimonial funds and family trusts, cohabitation pacts, real estate funds and other instruments of a juridical-tributary nature intended for the protection of family assets.
The Firm is also able to assist trustees, trust companies and financial institutions in property and succession disputes concerning family assets and in identifying legal schemes aimed at preventing and/or resolving such disputes.

In particular, the department's activities include:
- governance and generational transition
- asset protection
- charitable activities.

In this area, the team can assist clients in developing solutions for the realization of investments with philanthropic purposes or in favour of weak subjects, such as the establishment of foundations, associations, trusts and dedicated investments (non-profit organizations).

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