The Corte Costituzionale, with sentence of 04.09.2019 n. 75, declared the constitutional illegitimacy of art. 16-septies of legislative decree October 18, 2012, n. 179 converted into law n. 221/2012, in the part in which it provides that the service, carried out by electronic means, whose acceptance receipt is generated after 9 pm and by midnight, is finalized for the notifier at 7 am on the following day, rather than at the time of generation of the aforementioned receipt. If, in fact, the rule, in postponing the completion of the notification at 7 am the following day, has the purpose of protecting the right to rest - in the range from 21 to 24 - of the recipient, this should not apply to the notifier. For the latter, in fact, such a temporal limitation of the legal effects of the notification represents only a limitation to the full use of the useful time to prepare one's own defense. The Committee has therefore declared that the 9 pm limit is unconstitutional, as it violates the articles 3, 24 and 111 of the Constitution, with the consequence that notification must be considered timely, carried out via PEC, on the last useful day, on the sole condition that the receipt of acceptance of the notification PEC message is generated before midnight.